Finding a job in Thailand is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It is necessary to study a sufficient amount of information and prepare the necessary documents. Employment in Thailand is handled by the Department of Employment. We would like to provide you with general information about the functions of this department.

Background of the Department of Employment

The Department of Employment was established by the Law on the Renewal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (1993) and the Law on the transfer of certain powers, duties, and activities of the Ministry of the Interior to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. These laws were published in the Government Gazette on July 25, 1993, and announced the creation of a new department.

Later, in 2002, the bureaucracy was reformed due to the improvement of new ministries, departments, and departments within the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population. The Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population was separated. Established as the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. In accordance with the Ministry Improvement Law, the department was approved by the National Assembly on September 24, 2002.

The mission of the Department of Employment

Like any structure, the Department of Employment has its own mission. Its mission is as follows:

  • promote employment by providing employment services, and career counseling to protect job seekers
  • provide people with a career and income
  • provide people with jobs that match their knowledge, and abilities, and appropriate and fair benefits
  • develop information technology systems and up-to-date labor market information to support operations
  • develop an effective management system in accordance with the principles of good governance
  • promote and support the participation of network partners from all sectors in the management of the labor market in order to achieve a balance
  • management of the work of foreigners

And of course, this department has its own values. These values ​​are presented in the form of the word “strong” and are deciphered as follows:

  • S – service mindset: have a service mindset, and focus on serving people of all ages who come to receive services.
  • T – teamwork: working together as a team to achieve results in accordance with the goals of the organization.
  • R – response: respond promptly to every task you receive.
  • O – Ownership: Have a sense of ownership of the organization and take pride in being part of the organization
  • N – network: create a network for integration within and outside the organization.
  • G – goal: the goal is people.

How the Department of Employment works

The Department of Employment has the goal of encouraging people to have a job with a reasonable income. Here you can quickly find out the latest labor market news. The Department of Employment is trying to help reduce unemployment and labor shortages by providing services to all target groups, including students, people with disabilities, older people, people who have completed drug treatment, and so on.

So, how does this department work, and what is required of you to get the job you want? A coherent system is proposed that will allow job seekers and employers to collaborate easily and save a lot of time. Job applicants can pre-register online to apply for jobs and select as many jobs as needed at once. It is also possible to immediately attend an interview with an employer without having to fill out a registration form and a job application every time you apply for a job an employer. In addition, it is cost-effective to attach documents to the application. For their part, employers can promote the jobs they want. Apply in advance through the Internet, you can search the applicant’s resume with the computer system, and compose your applicant’s resume for consideration in the form of an electronic data file. When the job is done, you can open the program.

The Department facilitates meetings between employers/institutions and applicants and their direct consideration of the choice. One of the aspirations is to increase the ability of job seekers to select jobs that match their knowledge and skills and apply simultaneously to many employers/enterprises.

Departments of Employment are located throughout the country at 11 central locations. Employment and job seeker protection services are provided 24/7 by providing employment services and protection for job seekers who come to Bangkok and its surroundings in search of work.

It is also worth noting again that job seekers can search for jobs with employers/businesses and apply for jobs through the Department of Employment online system at the website:

The department also provides social services, including training courses in accordance with the needs of employers/enterprises. The provision of jobs for special people is also underway, i.e. people with disabilities, the elderly, ex-offenders, and students. The Department facilitates their comprehensive access to labor market information. This shows the willingness of the government to support people with disabilities and the elderly to gain equal rights and opportunities with others.

Management of Thai workers abroad

It is also the task of the Department of Employment to control the development of the process of sending Thai workers to work abroad, so that it is effective, and to protect the categories of job seekers and employees who are sent to work or study abroad, and to promote the expansion of the Thai labor market abroad. 

In this case, the Department performs the following functions:

  • management, delivery, and registration of Thai workers for work abroad.
  • protection of benefits for Thai workers working abroad
  • promotion and development of a system for sending Thai workers to work abroad
  • training and development of the readiness of applicants before going to work abroad
  • promote the expansion of the Thai labor market for work abroad
  • promote the foreign labor market in accordance with government policy

There are 5 ways to go to work abroad legally.

  1. the Department of Employment as a dispatcher is a service provided by the State Department of Employment for jobseekers who wish to work abroad. Applicants do not have to pay for the service but pay the necessary and real costs, such as the cost of a passport, health check, visa fee, airport tax, etc.
  2. a recruiting delivery company, which must be an employment agency licensed by the Department of Employment. Recruiting job seekers and sending job seekers must obtain permission from the Department of Employment before placing and sending jobseekers to work.
  3. employers in Thailand who take their employees to work abroad. Employers in Thailand that have branches in foreign countries or bid abroad and wish to invite an employee to work must apply for an overseas work permit from the Department of Employment.
  4. employers in Thailand send their employees abroad for internships. The employer must notify the Department of Employment of the employee’s trip for an internship by submitting a notice of sending the employee for an internship abroad.
  5. Job seekers report their trips abroad to work on their own. Job seekers themselves contact employers in foreign countries for work. When temporarily returning to Thailand on holiday and returning to work, they must notify the Department of Employment prior to the date of travel.

Applicant Protection

The Department of Employment also provides protection and prevents job seekers from being cheated in their job search, including using legal measures to prevent and punish fraudsters who take advantage of job seekers.

How it works

  • Consideration, verification, and application for a license to establish a recruiting company, employment office, and providing jobs for job seekers to work in the country and abroad.
  • When a job seeker complaint is received and handled in connection with the recruitment process, the registration penalty and prosecution of those who violate or fail to comply with the recruitment and job seeker protection law will be considered.
  • Overseeing the recruitment of domestic and foreign applicants.
  • Verification of documents confirming the trip of applicants or employees to work or internship abroad. Investigate and suspend the travel of individuals who have a habit of smuggling to work abroad without going through the steps required by law. Provide protection and prevent fraud for job seekers for travel to work abroad and human trafficking.
  • Checking and monitoring the work of foreigners for compliance with the law. Review employers/institutions for legal compliance, including coordinating with agencies involved in stopping arrests.


It can be safely said that the Department of Employment in Thailand cares about its citizens and is willing to provide them with everything they need. More detailed information can be found on the department’s website.