You are looking for a job and want to find a suitable position as soon as possible. Then you should contact the Employment Center. The Employment Center is a public agency of the State Employment Service that can help you in your search. In France, such a center is called Pôle Emploi, which is worth contacting. In this article, we want to tell you about the main nuances that you need to know before contacting this center.

What is Pôle Emploi? Its mission

Pôle Emploi is aimed at all job seekers regardless of their level of education. It was created from the merger of ANPE and Assedic on January 1, 2009, to facilitate procedures for job seekers. It is a public establishment that depends on the Ministry of Labour, Social Relations, and Solidarity.

Pôle Emploi has two missions:

  1. compensate the unemployed;
  2. facilitate the return to work.

Its primary objective is to assist people in their job search.

Pôle emploi also offers:

  • employment center training to perfect or acquire new skills;
  • professional advice;
  • free services:
  • skills assessment ;
  • job search club;
  • job descriptions, guides, and practical advice.

The job seeker registers with Pôle Emploi. Since March 1, 2016, registration is only done online on the Pôle Emploi website. However, people who cannot register online can go to a Pôle Emploi agency. The job seeker is followed by the same consultant from his registration until the job search. This consultant welcomes, directs, supports, and compensates the job seeker.

Who can register at Pole Emploi?

You can register as a job seeker if you meet certain conditions:

  • Be looking for a job.
  • Be of working age (from 16 years old and from 14 years old for apprentices).
  • Be physically fit to work.
  • Declare a domicile in France.
  • For foreign workers: hold a residence permit allowing them to work in France and register with Pôle Emploi.

Registration with Pôle Emploi is a mandatory step for job seekers who wish to benefit from unemployment benefits or find a job with an approved consultant. It is advisable to register with Pôle Emploi as soon as you finish your studies or terminate your employment contract. The administrative procedures for registering with Pôle Emploi are simple and can be done online or by telephone.

How to register for the first time?

It is advisable to register with Pôle Emploi at the end of your studies to benefit from personalized support to find a job more quickly. Young workers who worked during their studies can also claim to receive unemployment benefits if they register with Pôle Emploi. The job seeker must complete a single form from the Pôle Emploi website. This form includes several documents necessary for the validation of the registration:

  • The registration request
  • Application for unemployment benefits
  • The date and time of the interview with a Pôle Emploi consultant (3 proposals)
  • Preparing for the interview

Following the validation of the online file, the receipt of the invitation to the interview is effective within 72 hours. As soon as the registration with Pôle Emploi has been validated, the job seeker must update his personal situation every month to continue to benefit from unemployment benefits.

How to register for Pôle Emploi online?

It is strongly recommended to register for Pôle Emploi online since the service is accessible 24/24 and 7/7 from the site In order to register online with Pôle Emploi, all you have to do is complete a form available in the Register/Re-register section. This form is also useful for job seekers who wish to re-register after cessation of registration for more than 6 months.

In order to optimize the registration process, it is advisable to bring the documents necessary for the validation of the registration. Job seekers who are already registered can perform their updates from their personal space available on the Pôle Emploi website or the mobile application.

How to register for Pôle Emploi by telephone?

People who do not have access to the Internet can register with Pôle Emploi on 39 49. This telephone number allows them to contact a consultant who will be at their disposal to answer their questions, compile the registration application file and arrange the meeting. In this case, the file and the summons are sent directly to the job seeker by post.

What documents must be provided for registration with Pôle Emploi?

Several documents are required for the constitution of the Pôle Emploi registration file:

  • An ID
  • The social security number which is written on the vital card
  • A curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A Pôle Emploi certificate which is provided by the employer for those who have previously been employed
  • A bank account statement in order to send unemployment benefits to the job seeker

In order to validate the registration and to allow Pôle Emploi to offer its services to the jobseeker, the latter must complete a registration form that contains information concerning the situation of the job seeker:

  • The administrative situation: name, nationality, marital status, domicile, and telephone number
  • The request for benefits: periods of employment and period without employment and the number of wages received
  • Knowledge: training and professional project, type of job sought, diplomas obtained, qualifications acquired or degree of mobility
  • The desired date and time for the appointment with a Pôle Emploi consultant

The appointment with the Pôle Emploi consultant is mandatory and takes place during the month following registration. If the job seeker does not show up for the mandatory appointment, he risks being struck off the job center and losing his unemployment rights. Once the registration is complete, Pôle Emploi provides an information notice on the rights and obligations of the job seeker as well as a registration certificate also known as the job seeker card.

The steps after registration

As soon as your online file is validated, an invitation for a situation interview is sent, either directly to your personal space, or by post (depending on postal deadlines).

Do not wait for this interview to complete your file with the requested information.

Download these documents as soon as possible in your personal space, before the interview.

Note: in the case of a re-registration, an appointment will not be systematically offered to you. You can contact your previous adviser again. To do this, log on to your “Personal space” and find their email address in the “My exchanges with Pôle Emploi” section.

When should you register with Pôle Emploi?

As soon as a worker finds himself without a professional activity, he is required to register with Pôle Emploi regardless of the reason for the termination of the employment contract. There are several situations that can lead to a job seeker registering with Pôle Emploi.

  • The end of the studies
  • The end of a CDD
  • A conventional brake
  • A resignation
  • A dismissal

In order to register with Pôle Emploi, you must have the right to access the French labor market. This means that foreigners must reside regularly in France. In order to register with Pôle Emploi, it is necessary to be in a situation of unemployment. It is important to wait until the end of the employment contract to register with Pôle Emploi.

Employees undergoing notice, employees on a professional security contract, on sick leave or on maternity leave, and people on an internship in a company cannot register with Pôle Emploi.

What is the deadline for registering with Pôle Emploi?

Job seekers can register with Pôle Emploi the day after the termination of the employment contract. In order to benefit from unemployment benefits, registration must take place within 12 months of this termination of the employment contract.

Why register with Pôle Emploi?

Registration with Pôle Emploi offers many advantages to job seekers looking to quickly resume a professional activity:

  • Personalized support to find a job
  • Job offers based on their professional project and skills
  • The possibility of carrying out professional training to acquire additional skills
  • Unemployment benefits

A job seeker who has not registered with Pôle Emploi cannot benefit from the advantages mentioned above.


If you are looking for a job after your studies or your previous work contract has ended, you should register with the Pôle Emploi to receive all the required unemployment benefits and find a job. It is important to study all the information and prepare all the necessary documents. We hope our article will help you.